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015: Exploring Turbo 8 with Jorge Manrubia Episode 15

015: Exploring Turbo 8 with Jorge Manrubia

· 53:24

In this episode, Jorge Manrubia provides insights into his experience working at 37signals. Our conversation delves into the intricacies of Active Record encryption, and we explore the latest advancements in Turbo 8 technology.

Jorge Manrubia's Book Recommendation
Pragmatic Thinking And Learning
Domain-Driven Design
Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns
Design Patterns

Active Record Encryption
Spektr Security

Creators and Guests

Emmanuel Hayford
Emmanuel Hayford
Ruby, Rails. Boxing, chess. Podcasting @railschangelog. Rad Ruby @radrubydev. ⚡️ Rails tips weekly. This Week In Rails co-editor.
Jorge Manrubia
Jorge Manrubia
Programmer @37signals.jorge@hey.com


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