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014: PostgreSQL for Rails Developers with Andrew Atkinson Episode 14

014: PostgreSQL for Rails Developers with Andrew Atkinson

· 51:12

Andrew Atkinson, the esteemed author of "High Performance PostgreSQL for Rails," joins me in this episode for an in-depth conversation. We delve into the myriad features that Ruby on Rails developers can harness to optimize PostgreSQL within their applications.

Stay tuned throughout the episode for an exclusive discount code, which will grant listeners a generous 25% off when purchasing "High Performance PostgreSQL for Rails." Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to enhance your development skills!

Creators and Guests

Emmanuel Hayford
Emmanuel Hayford
Ruby, Rails. Boxing, chess. Podcasting @railschangelog. Rad Ruby @radrubydev. ⚡️ Rails tips weekly. This Week In Rails co-editor.
Andrew Atkinson
Andrew Atkinson
Author of High Performance PostgreSQL for Rails🛒Buy: https://t.co/B1kdFdK3up…👉 Subscribe: https://t.co/UekNHrPcCX


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