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024: Structuring Rails Apps with Matt Swanson Episode 24

024: Structuring Rails Apps with Matt Swanson

· 50:35

In this conversation, Matt discusses his podcast Yagny FM and the motivation behind it. He also talks about his approach to open source contributions within the Rails ecosystem. Matt shares his thoughts on Hotwire and the misconception of using all its features. He discusses the trade-offs between basic conditionals and feature management tools in terms of long-term maintainability and scalability. Matt also touches on the use of feature flags and how to balance simplicity with increasing complexity over time. Lastly, he briefly mentions his experience with background jobs and the potential move to Solid Queue. In this conversation, Matt Swenson discusses considerations for choosing job processors in Rails applications, the benefits of using ViewComponent for front-end development, and his experience working at Arrows, a B2B SaaS company.

Matt's tweet: 
"IMO a Hotwire app should be like 85% Drive, 10% Frames, 5% Streams -- often I see people (including articles/guides) that have it almost completely flipped."

Creators and Guests

Emmanuel Hayford
Emmanuel Hayford
Ruby, Rails. Boxing, chess. Podcasting @railschangelog. Rad Ruby @radrubydev. ⚡️ Rails tips weekly. This Week In Rails co-editor.
Matt Swanson
Matt Swanson
🎯 Building https://t.co/3G3n0iVnIn🔥 Ruby on Rails tips📻 https://t.co/MMIvlQpzwD✌️ All killer, no filler🍊 Karl Pilkington is my spirit animal


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