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020: Andy Croll & Ufuk Kayserilioglu Uncover RailsConf 2024 Details Episode 20

020: Andy Croll & Ufuk Kayserilioglu Uncover RailsConf 2024 Details

· 01:06:09

The conversation covers various aspects of RailsConf, including its mission, organization, and selection process for talks. The chapters delve into the background of the participants, the role of Ruby Central in organizing RailsConf, and the significance of the conference in the Ruby and Rails communities. The discussion also explores the unique features of RailsConf 2024, such as the community day and hack day, as well as the selection process for talks and the responsibilities of the program committee. Additionally, the conversation touches on the criteria for choosing conference locations and the process of selecting keynote speakers. In this conversation, Emmanuel Hayford interviews Andy Croll and Ufuk Kayserilioglu about their experiences with conferences like RailsConf and Brighton Ruby. They discuss the acceptance and rejection process for conference speakers, the origins and purpose of Brighton Ruby, the importance of personal interaction at conferences, the dynamics of partnering with hotels, the sponsorship opportunities for RailsConf, and the benefits of attending conferences for personal and professional growth.

  • RailsConf is a long-running conference that celebrates the Rails framework and brings together the Ruby and Rails communities.
  • Ruby Central plays a crucial role in organizing RailsConf and other Ruby-related projects, maintaining and supporting the Ruby commons that the community depends on.
  • RailsConf 2024 will feature a community day and hack day, providing opportunities for collaboration, learning, and contributing to open source projects.
  • The selection process for talks at RailsConf involves a program committee that ranks and evaluates proposals based on fit, quality, and presentation skills.
  • RailsConf aims to have a diverse range of speakers and topics, with a focus on building with Rails and showcasing different ways of using the framework.
  • The location of RailsConf changes each year, with a focus on accessibility and transportation options for attendees.
  • Keynote speakers at RailsConf are selected based on their relevance to the conference theme and the community's interests.
  • The conference selection process involves a balance of reaching out to potential speakers and reviewing submissions through a call for proposals (CFP). Conference rejections should not be discouraging, as there are limited slots and many applicants. Persistence is key.
  • Brighton Ruby is a single-track, single-day event held in Brighton, UK, that provides a friendly and intimate atmosphere for Ruby and Rails developers.
  • First Ruby Friend is a mentorship program that pairs experienced developers with early-career developers to provide guidance and support.
  • Partnering with hotels allows conferences to secure room blocks for attendees, ensuring convenient and affordable accommodation.
  • Sponsorships for RailsConf offer companies the opportunity to support the Ruby and Rails community while gaining visibility and networking opportunities.
  • Attending conferences like RailsConf and Brighton Ruby provides valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth, including building relationships, gaining insights from talks, and experiencing the sense of community.

Creators and Guests

Emmanuel Hayford
Emmanuel Hayford
Ruby, Rails. Boxing, chess. Podcasting @railschangelog. Rad Ruby @radrubydev. ⚡️ Rails tips weekly. This Week In Rails co-editor.
Andy Croll
Andy Croll
He's CTO at @coveragebook, Rubyist @onerubything, runs @brightonruby, Author, Speaker, Bootstrapper & Twin Dad.🐘 https://t.co/9i0n4O6zQU
Ufuk Kayserilioglu
Ufuk Kayserilioglu
Physicist turned software dev turned eng mgr. Current: Leading Ruby Infrastructure team at @ShopifyEng & Board Member @rubycentralorg


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